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In this page you will find a deep insight about Mayan cosmology and sacred Mayan Ceremonies. We want to share with you our understanding about the energies in our tradition, helping you identifying them and experiencing a wonderful and way of working with the elements of our mother earth.

We work with the energies of the elements and guardians of our mother Earth, such as trees, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and animals.

We respect all beings in existence. Everything around us is alive and has a consciousness according to our ancestors. That is why we speak about Rajawal (ownership/guardian). Representing the magic of each element to help you to understand how to discover your own power elements.

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Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias es padre de familia, exporta cacao y tambien es Chaman iniciado en la comunidad Maya.

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