Nahual Readings

Understanding our unique essence

Ch’umilal (star) Nahual, refers to the spirit of our being, it speaks of the energy of your soul, and with it, gives us information about our life purpose.

Each day has a Nahual, or a guardian. It’s purpose is to care and provide for the essence of the human life, so that we as a human beings can connect with the source allowing of us to use it in our favor. When we know how to interpret it we can take advantage of it. It takes no effort, because we as human beings already flow in harmony with the rhythm with Q’a te’ ulew(mother nature).

The Nahual from which we were born has a mission to guide us so that we can fulfill the purpose that we are born to accomplish. Our elders say that when we find difficulty in our K’aslemal (life) is when we are not listening to the message of our Ch’umilal (star) nahual.

In the Ancient way the Mayan are artists, dancers, weavers, merchants, healers, jewelers, silversmiths, astrologers. etc. They observe the position of the star and predict your destiny, conected with the nature and aware of climates, sounds of nature, dreams. Everyone has its own mission in life, and find a harmonic path to listen the voice of your each nahal and a harmonic life.

We have a past that reminds us of who we are, and who we were. There is a present on which all our existence depends on. A future to improve what are, where we plant the seed of hope. Our Nahual helps us to learn about our essence and what we come to share with others, following our hearts where the Spirit speaks to us through our feelings.

The Nahual from which we were born has a mission to guide us so that we can fulfill the purpose that we are born to accomplish. ​

The Ch’umilal  (star) refers to our Nahual, is the star that we born with. We came to incarnate it and let it sprout, as we contain the seed of its essence. We came become that star and shine it’s light. The Ch’umilal helps us to understand that our gifts and mission in life are to help others to shine their stars and grow like the sun too, everyone in their own distinctive ways. Your stars’ light turns into your passion, love, partner as we mature into adulthood. For example, my teacher sees my wife as my Nahual: the more I serve and follow my purpose, the more I grow in love and appreciation. This becomes a gift and it’s reciprocated and rewarded when one follow its journey.

Trecena — 13 days

Our Q’iik’ilal is our moon, the one that gives us the purpose of lifetime, the mother of the sun. We call it Q’a Tit iik’ (our grand mother moon)  It is in our subconscious. The Mayan calendar nahual helps us recognize ourselves to align with Ajaw, the Creator and the Former. With your date of birth we will discover your Ch’umilal and your Ik’ilal based on the our Mayan Calendar Tz’olkin calendar (260 days). To know and connect, sometimes we need to work with, our dark and light side of our moon.

You will be able to understand your Nahual, the meaning of the symbols specific to your energetic sign, how this contributes in your life, what stops you in your process and what you can do to achieve success in your lifetime.

What others say​

"I had a Mayan Astrology reading with Izaias and it was truly amazing! Not only did he confirm some of the things I had planned and was in doubt about, but he also answered questions none of the healers I've seen before could answer."

"Izaias guides you from his heart with intuition and ancient indigenous knowledge. You will get to know your spirit animal, your essence, your purpose and valuable things about your past."

"It's a wonderful heart-opening and empowering experience that I can highly recommend."​

Get in touch if you would like to discover your Nahual and how you can contribute in your own growth from a more conscious place.

Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez