Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

Sharing the wisdom of our Ancestors The Mayas

About our Ceremonies

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Let the spirit of Ixcacao to dance on your cells to radiate the light napping in your universe called existence. Let's get together and take sacred cacao in a ceremony, to open our emotions to truly release for healing, accepting and opening space to become who you are with the Mayan Cosmovision through the guidance of it's worlds.


Cacao is one of the Sacred foods of the Mayans (The food of the Gods) according to the sacred book ¨Popol Vuh¨. In between the Aztecs and the Mayan Languages it is called Yoyotl Eztli it means The blood of the heart, blood of mother earth, blood of our ancestors.

“The blood of our ancestors that connects us to love ourselves back and heal, remember what we came here for, to reminds us to shine, flourish, celebrate, gather with people we get to know in our paths, to make one family again, drinking cacao helps us to feel loved and love what we are and our relations”

The Cacao Ceremonies are attuned with the nahual of each day according with the Mayan calendar, use the tools that every energy offers which are 20 of them to guide each person or group, to facilitate us and guide for healing, forgiving, understanding, acceptance, opening new spaces in our consciousness. We use the energies of fire, air, water, earth, sun, clouds, mountain and animals, deep guidance of the Mayan Cosmovision, being cleansed with Raxpom during the ceremonies.

We drink together the Medicine of cacao we get to understand why we had to carry certain deeper emotions and connects us with our roots as our ancestors taking us back to our Mother Earth, once we understand we can have more clarity in our present moments and daily life.

Cacao gives us clarity in the mind, opens the heart, expands the consciousness. It also has a powerful capacity to connect us with the creative field and it opens our voice to express ourselves from a place of love, come to join us in cacao ceremonies, it is a beautiful gift you are giving to yourself and to your loved ones.

Do not hold your wish to experience a Mayan Cacao Ceremony with us!


Fridays Starts at 10 AM

9.50 AM – Personal Arriving and registration at the place.  

10:00 AM – Opening  the Creating Altars with flowers and offerings according to the Nahual of the day

During Ceremony

Special Offerings dedicated to each Nahual, Ancient practices. 

1:00 pm (Noon) – Closing ceremony
* No reservations required

We Invite you: To bring flowers to add to the sacred altars, the colors and forms of its it calls you, can be seeds, as sesame, pumpkinseeds or cacao, tobacco. 

Optional: Bring your instruments, as a guitar, flute, drum or shakers to play always ask permission to share during ceremony. We welcome your voice, and inspire you to sing and bring your heart expression. 

Journal, Camera or Phone: if you’d like to take notes as much as you want there are important message you may want to practice and or remember. Avoid taking so much pictures or video, recording, you are welcome to take some pictures on the beginning and during the ceremony you have come for the ceremony to experience and not taking picture ceremony. 

Language: It can be shared with Mayan words, English and Spanish spoken, depends on the participants.

Very important – How to dress up for respect to our ceremonies, according to our Mayan Cosmovision: 

Arrive for the ceremony with ceremonial clothes, any way that you think is ceremonial, white clothes is always good, feel free to dress up the way you’d like as you are going to a ceremony to present yourself to your ancestors. 

Men: Shirts or t-shirts do not come with shorts

Women: Not with short skirts but long one, not with tight pants or have a shawl or long dress, top with a blouse or guipil (mayan blouse), not showing your belly button. 

Energy Exchange: Q.200 

Utz Apetik – Welcome – Bienvenados 

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Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez & Nehemias Sancoy