Mayan Cacao Ceremonies

"Supporting and transmitting the wisdom of our lineage"

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Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Harmonizing with the gifts of the Nahuales

Cacao is one of the Sacred foods of the Mayans (The food of the Gods) according to the sacred book ¨Popol Vuh¨.

“The blood of our ancestors that connects us with the universe, with the creator and giver of form and at the same time with our hearts.”

Our Cacao ceremonies are attuned with the energies of each day according with the Mayan calendar, use the tools that every energy offers which is many of them to guide each person or group. We use the energies of fire, air, water, earth, sun, clouds, mountain and animals.

When we take the cacao medicine we come to understand why we had to carry certain deeper emotions and connects us with our roots taking us back to our Mother Earth.

Cacao gives us clarity. It also has a powerful capacity to connect us with the creative field and it opens our voice to express ourselves from a place of love.

By taking this sacred medicine our heart opens and our consciousness expands and we are able to release from a place of compassion and love.


Do not hold your wish to experience a Mayan Cacao Ceremony with us!


Fridays 9 AM

08:30 pm – Personal Ceremony Preparation  
08:45 am – Entrance & Registration  Lavalove Cacao – Shop   

09:00 pm – Opening of the Ancestors Ceremony
by Tata Izaias Mendoza & Izabel Perez

During Ceremony

Especial Offerings dedicated to our individual Nahuals.

Ancestral Medicine Music by Hamaima

12:30 pm – Closing ceremony


* No reservations required.

We advice you to come 10 minutes before to register. 

Bring offerings and flowers. 


Price at the door: Q.200 *Includes Cacao

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Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez & Nehemias Sancoy