The 3rd Sunday of each month

Join us to our Sacred Mayan Cacao Ceremonies Online Starting June 19th to December 18th

Now, during Izaias Tour around the world, you can continue to connect with our Ancestors during our Cacao prayers every third Sunday of the month.


Online Cacao Ceremonies

Our Cacao ceremonies are attuned with the energies of each day according with the Mayan calendar, use the tools that every energy offers which is many of them to guide each person or group. We use the energies of fire, air, water, earth, sun, clouds, mountain and animals.

The blood of our ancestors that connects us with the universe, with the creator and giver of form and at the same time with our hearts.”

When we take the cacao medicine we come to understand why we had to carry certain deeper emotions and connects us with our roots taking us back to our Mother Earth.

How to access a Zoom Call

Time to access — 9 am to 12 pm CST (Check here to know your time)

1— Choose a date

2 — Go to the link to complete the payment process.

3 — Once you have the confirmation payment email, you will receive a PDF page with the last instructions, Zoom Link, Cacao Recipe & Whatsapp Link group.

Praparation for the Online Ceremony

1 — Find a quiet space in the comfort of your home. 

2 — Set your intentions in a notebook or special letter

3 — Prepare your Cacao using our suggested recipe. 

*If you want to order Lavalove Cacao in your locality; please, check this link to buy with our Ambassadors around the World.

4 — Create a sacred space, altar with flowers, incense or musical instruments to sing at the end of the prayer. 

5 — Disconnect your social networks or possible distractions during the 3 hour session.

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