Cacao Facilitators
Intensive Course

March 07-22, 2023

 Do you want to share the Cacao ceremony from the Mayan Cosmovision? If you feel the call then this Opportunity is for you. 
From the Cacao plantations, how to pray from the roots and connecting with the earth, from the fruits, the history of Cacao, and its great purpose of its arrival in our times, Get to know more about cacao from the roots, to your ceremonial cup. 

“The tree of cacao has walked out of the forest to harmonize and balance the relationship that man has lost with mother nature…” 

Izaias S Mendoza

This training is given by spiritual guides initiated from the Mayan tradition. It lasts for two weeks.  Read more about us. 

Do you want to share the cacao ceremony from the Mayan cosmovision?

We have been using cacao for over 15 years as a sacred plant and life transformator and paying attention to how it is affecting and changing the world and opening the heart as a wonderful and soft medicine of the divine mother Spirit IxCacao. 

This course is not available in many places and we feel like a bridge to weave indigenous communities and communities in other countries to awaken the energy and dormant memories in our Mesoamerican lands and energies in Europe that need to be awakened because our lands are hurting and we feel it in people, especially those who are dedicated to alternative therapies and healing.

That’s why if you feel the call with to this authentic way of honoring the medicine of Cacao and getting trained to it to wake up the memory is in you, through your Mayan nahual. Learn how to connect every day through the Mayan cross and / or quadrants of the day. Offering flowers, creating altars, in mayan cosmovision is called creating the ear of The Heart of the Sky.

About the Course

The training is from March 7-22, 2023 for two weeks, and 5 hours a day, some days are more. 

The cost is USD $1,000 and includes admission to public cacao and fire ceremonies during the training, and snacks during the classes, offerings to the cacao trees.


*Does not include accommodation or food.

What you will learn

Training Agenda
  • Introduction to the Mayan Cosmovision

  • Different Mayan Calendars and their Year Lords

  • Important dates in the Mayan Calendar

  • Introduction to the Mayan Cross or full Quadrant.

  • Visit to the Cacao plantation

  • How to make your own ceremonial Cacao from the seed.

  • Create altars with flowers

  • Cacao ceremony with quadrant or Mayan cross of the day

  • Learn how to use the Nahuales as needed for personal or couples ceremonies

  • Reliable sites where you can get the Nahuales of your relatives

  • Exercises on how to remove personal Nahuales.

  • Application of the Nahuales in a ceremony Cacao ceremonies

  • Make and serve cacao during the training and ceremonies. 

  • Attend public ceremonies and practices

Skills you will improve

– Mayan Cosmovision

– Learn how to get the energies of the days and interpretations from a metaphorical language, with animals, plants, places, energies.

– Create and Form altars with a purpose with the meaning of each element to make an altar with. 

– How to make your ceremonial Cacao 

– Roast the Roast, peel, grind the Cacao.

– Closing with a Fire Ceremony (you are Not being trained how to make a Mayan Fire Ceremony but you asist one) 

At the end of the training you receive:

  1. Ixcacao statue, Ceremonial sash, Mug. You will learn and be trained as a cocoa facilitator in the Mayan Cosmovision and its calendars.

  2. Snacks at 10.30 am
  3. Training: 5 hrs a day effective

Course beginning time: 9 – 15 hrs. 

Some days of break and integration.

You will have practical exercises. 

 Cost $1000. 

Payments can be in cash and also online payment options, bank transfers.

Limited spaces, Send your application now!

The cost is not covering Lodge, 

Language in which the course will be given:

English and Spanish. We will have a translator, Izaias and Izabel speak Spanish, English and the Mayan Kaqchikel language.


Join the 14 days INTENSIVE Facilitators Training

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When you emerge the sacred Mayan Calendar into your agenda becomes one with the rhythm of time with nature.

Limited Spaces. 

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Lavalove Cacao – Izaias and Izabel


Cacao, the ancestral medicine of greater integration, of opening the heart and soul to the heart of Mother Earth.

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