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Find your favorite Lavalove Cacao easily in your country, reach out to your nearest Ambassador, have it sent to you.

* If you would like to become Lavalove Cacao Ambassador in your country, contact us and get the requirements.

Names - Country - Website Link​


C A N A D A 

Roksana – IG  Canada  – @roksacacaolove 

Kara McKenna – IG – Canada


U N I T E D  S T A T E S  O F  A M E R I C A

Soul Lift Cacao  –  USA

Bayron Bliss –  FB  –  CA – USA

Kan’s Nest USA

Rainbow Bridge– USA 

Origen Raiz(CA) – USA

Waterloo Cacao– Austin TX – USA 


M E X I C O 

Kakawsana – Nayarit, MX – USA –

Regina Peregrina – CDMX – Mexico 


 E U R O P E

Sunna Dís Jónasdóttir AND  Olga Hörn Fenger   Iceland 

Andagift Inspire – Iceland 

Malina Hurbury – Spain and UK – IG: @awaken_your_essence

Wilderness Yoga – UK 

Te Og Kaffehuset As Norway

Cocoa Alchemica – Poland    (Website in process) Email: 

Email: Philipp Welzenberg  – Berlin – Germany, Austria and   Switzerland