Mayan Sacred Wedding

The Feminine

Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Their mission is to give birth, create, grow and beautify life. The woman is the one who cooks the Tz’oo (pre-cooked corn with lime), grinds it on the grinding stone and make Way’  (tortillas). The woman carries the essence of the Moon and Mother Earth, both ancestral, wise, and beautiful, they keep the deep secrets of creation. All women are beautiful, and they deserve to be loved, respected and well accompanied.

The Masculine

Great-grandfather, grandfather, father, son, and grandson. Their mission in life is to provide, grow. They represent the sky, the sun, they are a great servant of God who compliments The Earth. All men are guardians of strength, they have courage in them to defend, to give protection from everything that threats them. The man is the one who plants the corn, and the beans, the one who brings the harvest and saves the seeds to plant for tomorrow, brings the loaded firewood, tells the stories to children. When men are connected to their hearts they can plant the seed of hope for a new era. All men deserve to be love, fed and respected and well accompanied.

The Ceremony

When the woman is presented at the sacred fire, she is presented to all the guardian grandparents, spirits, beings of all kinds, equally to the man.  The shaman guides them to swear before the sacred fire with offerings. Each offering and each word offered to the fire is an oath to commit to each other.

 Our Nan (Master, Priestess) Candelaria Xitamul told us that when you commit yourself in front of the fire there is no separation or divorce, because when you marry the spirit of the day, at that moment the spirit of all ancestors is invoked to witness the union. The ancestors live in the air, in the flowers, in the aromas of the herbs offered. They receive the essence in the gifts for the sacred marriage and are asked to bless what is to come.

What happens during the ceremony

The couple is married by swearing with an ancient Ch’amey, a wooden rod in the form of a snake figure that unites the human being with their vital energy, delivered to Izaias when he received his mission to be Ajq’ij. It is a rod of commitment to keep the word of wisdom.

While the couple are tied with sacred ribbons, Izabel and Izaias feed them with a traditional meal that symbolizes coexistence in the house. They drink ceremonial cacao to ask for connection with the heart and for a harmonious and loving relationship. A ceremonial shawl that symbolizes the house and refuge is used to cover them. The paths of the couple are being blessed with a Kajb’aal (wooden cross) containing the the white and the yellow paths of remembering, a symbol of uniting the 4 paths.

They will receive

1 stone marriage symbol
1 ceremonial shawl
1 cross of the four directions, symbol of the paths
2 Nahuales necklace made of jade stones


Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez


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