Spiritual Guidance

Helping others to walk the Sacred Path

With Izaias

We can tune with your Nahual spirit what is the message it has been trying to communicate with you, through your dreams, people, other beings or situation.

Change the vision perspective of seen things and how you were thought to see and judge it, in this case we have been judging ourselves or though how to judge how looks like. Let’s transform and replace old habits with faith, hope and harmony.

We follow and believe in the power of the universe and all the gifts offered to us to be connected to our true potential

Connecting with your spirits guardians, and use their gifts and tools to adapt to use them in your favor.

I relate with judging and quilting other people of my own troubles, and having No success with it, apparently have to remove what was fogging my view and learn from it and listen the message what was trying to be communicate with me by the spirit, until I learned how to listen and went to be doing instead of trying to do.

To deep gratitude all the roles plays on its time, as every day is a journey with the beings who is involved. Beings are not always right nether wrong what we need is acceptance of all of it and free ourselves although we do not like it but bless it.