Fire & Cacao Ceremonies

"Supporting and transmitting the wisdom of our lineage"

Life is a Ceremony. It is a space where you can meditate, and offer all your pain, fears and also your happiness in life. 

In a Mayan Sacred Ceremony, you can receive, wisdom, release pain, emotions and transform them into positive Life Path.

Come and pray together in our Weekly Ceremonies to honor our Ancestors and pray for a better future.

Here and now!

About our Ceremonies


An offering for an Ancestral Life

TOJ (Offering) Fire Ceremony

The fire is a sacred element, we believe to be (Toj) to listen, or offering, payment] the Ear of Ajaw, it is pure presence and hears the prayers that come from the heart.  

Every ceremony has a purpose and before it starts we put our intentions towards it.

We follow the Sacred Mayan calendar Tz’olkin to give thanks for our existence. It is an ancient way to ask to all the Spirits to receive and pass on our offering to the creator, in the names of the 20 Nahuales (energies of 20 calendar)

In the sacred fire, We give special offerings to asking the Great Spirit Ajaw to protect people, give abundance, well-being of the family and the community. We invoke the spirit of nature through words, elements, colors, shapes, and intentions to specifically invoke what we are asking for.

In this ceremony we pray to all the elements of Mother Earth.
We pray to all the guardians and invite them to transform what’s no longer serves us.



Mondays 1 PM

12:30 pm – Personal Ceremony Preparation  
12.45 pm – Entrance & Registration  Lavalove Cacao – Shop   

13:00 pm – Opening of the Ancestors Ceremony
by Tata Izaias Mendoza & Izabel Perez

During Ceremony

Especial Offerings dedicated to our individual Nahuals.

Ancestral Medicine Music by Hamaima

17:00 Pm – Closing ceremony  


* No reservations required.

We advice you to come 10 minutes before to register. 

Bring offerings and flowers. 


Price at the door: Q.200 *Includes Cacao


Book your own ceremony

We also offer Special Ceremonies for your events & retreats. Contact us to make a special moment for your groups
Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez & Nehemias Sancoy