Sacred Fire & Cacao Ceremonies

"Sharing the wisdom of our Ancestors The Mayas"

Life is a Ceremony when you live life with a purpose. Our Cacao Ceremonies are a space where you can pray in a sacred way, inviting your feelings to be felt and connecting with your Self. In this space your fears, pain and struggle are also welcome as an offering to the sacred fire, where they will be potentially transmuted into happiness, health, harmony, peace, love and unity.

In a Mayan Sacred Fire and Cacao Ceremony you might receive a short description of your sacred Nahual (Mayan Energy) according to the your date of birth. This is a gift of ancient wisdom, guidance, inspiration, the experience and years practicing ancient knowledge and daily energy work in a sacred life path.

Come and pray together for yourself and for your loved ones, to release what it’s no longer needed, to show gratitude, welcoming or seeding good things in the heart of the sacred fire. 

We welcome all beings as we all are children of the Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Utz A Petik – Welcome



Let's talk to the Spirit of life, communicate our feelings and give back through prayers.

TOJ (Sacred offering) Fire Ceremony

Fire is a Sacred and ancient element, we believe that it is the Ear of The Creator (Toj) to listen our offerings to pay with our flowers, special wood, seeds and herbs as a way of giving back to the sacred spirit. The Ear of Ajaw, it is pure presence and hears the prayers that come from the heart.  

According to the Nahual (Spirit of that day) every ceremony has a purpose and before it starts we put our intentions towards it so it.

We follow the Sacred Mayan calendar Tz’olkin an ancient calendar has been alive and used for thousands of hundreds of years as an ancient guide for the spiritual life to give thanks for our existence. It is an ancient way to ask to all the Spirits to receive and pass on our offering to the creator, in the names of the 20 Nahuales (energies of 20 calendar)

In the sacred fire, We give special offerings as ocote, copal, incenses, herbs and barks origen, resins, seeds, flowers of different colors etc.  to ask the Great Spirit Ajaw to protect our people, bring us abundance, well-being of the family and the community. We invoke the spirit of nature through words, elements, colors, shapes, and intentions to receive what we are asking for.

In this ceremony we pray to all the elements of Mother Earth to support us in our lives and honor them with our offerings.

We invite them to transform what no longer serves us, to bring us blessings into our lives and to all our relatives.



Mondays 1 PM

12.45 pm – Entrance & Registration  Lavalove Cacao – Shop   

13:00 pm – Opening Preparation Ceremony
by Tata Izaias & Izabel

Or a Tata or Nana to begin when Izaias & Izabel are traveling

During Ceremony

Especial Offerings dedicated to our individual Nahuals.

17:30 Pm – Closing ceremony  

Dessing suggestion in Ceremony

Man: White shirt and pants or any traditional or ceremonial way you know of from tradition you are connected with.

Woman:  Huipil (blouse) white or colorful, long dress, Not in shorts, if you come with pants, bring a short skirt around it.

The meaning of dressing it is the way how we present ourselves to our spiritual guides or ancestors, also a respect to our ceremonies. 

 Ceremonial Offering that you can bring: Flowers, seeds, tobacco, candles, or a letter of what you would like to dedicate, or releasing or giving gratitude for your own prayers, when you have special intention.

Optional: bring rattles, drum, guitar or a song you’d like to offer for the ceremony, we love to have it played and shared in the ceremony. 

Life is a ceremony we invite you to live with a purpose. 

Maltyox – Thank You


* Reservation is Not required. At the door we ask your names and your contact, including your birthdate to calculate your Mayan Nahual. 

Exchange Value: Q200 at the door, we do Not accept cards for ceremonies.


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We also offer Special Ceremonies for your events & retreats. Contact us to make a special moment for your groups
Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez & Nehemias Sancoy