Mayan New Year Preparation

                     February 13th to February 20th

11 EE'

When in the silence, the plants grow again…

5 days of No time in the Mayan Calendar”, when it is the time consecrated for cleansing and purification, manifestation of new projects and to attract new energies to rise as human beings to guide others. 



It is the space for you to perform cleansing ceremonies, change bad habits, let go of past things and old stories of our life and prepare for the New Year in the 11 EE, energy that guides in the four directions, attracts vitality, harmonization and balance in the world, in life, in communities.

If you have manifested a new project, 11 EE; It is the year in which your word has to be heard. That is the year in which we hold to have strength in the strength of the deer because it is authority.

It is the time to recharge yourself with new energies, to plant your new seeds. 

It is time to cleanse, release and purify your physical and emotional body and reconnect with your maximum spiritual potential.

Why we recommend you to joinWayeb cleansing?

-Interview with Izaias Mendoza -

How to cleanse and let go during the 5 Days of Wayeb?

“Writing some things down or bringing your own offerings. Remove what you are letting go, what you are letting go of; especially those of us who worked last year, with different contracts, with projects that were not given to us, that did not flourish. 
It is time to let go then, but be grateful with happiness. 
We do not let go with anger, but we thank him because he taught us something. Then we must release them through fire ceremonies.” – Izaias Mendoza

Recommended practices and habits during WAYEB

How to transition to EE' energy...

“In this case, the practices are cleansing ceremonies to heal our attitudes, clean the things that we have not left in our life.
We have worked a lot, then we have to clean what we have kept for years, emotions, relationships and old patterns; WAYEB are days of cleansing.
So it is recommended to bathe a lot in herbs, take temazcal and pamper your body because it is time to recharge because more work is coming, more load, more responsibility and more commitment. And this year, KEJ is the year of commitment where we assume our responsibility.
It is the year when our word has to be heard. That is the year when we stand on the strength of the deer. Because that authority.
We must keep our sexuality clean. We have to purify our body, mentally, emotionally and physically. 
Cleanse your body with incense, with being committed to your partner, to your work, to your own word.”  

– Izaias Mendoza

How we celebrate Wayeb at Lavalove Cacao and what activities are organized for this great event?

We have fire ceremonies with prayers, with bowls, nahual counts and cleanings with tobacco, also cacao ceremonies, intentional ceremonies.
There will be a cultivation of an altar on the Natural Reserve “Tzankujil” on IMOX day; that is where we are going to plant an altar for water with flowers. Then every week there will be flowers, tobacco and herbs for cleansing.
The ceremonies will be led in Spanish, English and Mayan as well.
In the evenings there will be singing circles organized by different people, of which people can bring their own drum, rattle, flute because we are all going to share always with the accompaniment of the Sacred Fire that will be lit during these days of WAYEB from the first day.
Then from February 13th until the 20th we will be in Ceremonies of Intention and Cleansing.
During these days we hope to have food and things like that to sell here so that people don’t have to go far to eat.


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This is the time to integrate yourself, to be in your own center, introspection to meditate what to let go, what to transform.

You are not alone in this process, connect all together as Family to transition on your NEW PATH

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It is time to cleanse, release and purify your physical and emotional body and reconnect with your maximum spiritual potential.

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