Opening a Ceremony – Calling in for support


We first call our ancestor spirits in, as they deserve the respect.

Our Mayan sacred book says that the purpose of creation of man is to remember the existence of our Creators. Remembering in prayer, we invite the breath of life in, the air element, into our lives to bless us. We invite all mountains, valleys and hills, they are guardians of the Earth and hold big powers.  We invite the water element to bless us with the rain, refreshing us and to cleansing our body and spirit. We invite our mother Earth to protect us, our plants, for our food to grow well to nurture us. We call our grandfather fire to receive our offerings and transform them into abundance, for the life of our children for the days to come.

Spirit and Guardians: Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Mountain, all the waters, fog, clouds, thunderstorm, lightening, sky, trees, animals, those who make noise, those who only flies, those who dives in the water. May they bring the energy for todays event for that better you want in life.

We call all the energies in reverence to the spirit of creation to help us to dive deeper into our inner world and to understand our own individual lives.

This tradition teach us about the many opportunities we have to follow our hearts being  guided by the spirit. The purpose being to learn to communicate with ourselves and to share and spread this as blessings to our communities.

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Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias es padre de familia, exporta cacao y tambien es Chaman iniciado en la comunidad Maya.

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