Family is with whom you can share moments together and inspire each other to grow and empower to reach our individual and communal goals.

When we travel together, our relationships are deeper, we get to know more about each other, how to support or how to get better our work specially when we are Cacao Facilitators, or planing to connect deeper with the medicine this is an OPPORTUNITY to connect with the roots of the sacred tree of Cacao.

“The tree of cacao has walked out of the forest to bring balance and harmony that we as humanity have lost with Mother Nature”…  Izaias S Mendoza

An invitation to walk into the forest of cacao, to sense, touch the fruit from the tree, harvest, eat the yummy pulp inside to pulp, lear now it grows, and what is the relationship of humanity and the biodiversity between animal and plants in the atmosphere of cacao sacred lands.

If you love working with cacao, or you are a cacao ceremonialist, get deep into there relationship by bringing your offerings as flowers, seeds, tabacco intention, to connect with the roots of the sacred tree, connect with the spirit of  the tree of mama cacao and get her guidance to what is next step, in the forest of IxCacao  ( Cacao Goddess) 


This is what we feel in this amazing Trip through the Lands of Suchitepequez. You will experience all with all your senses vibrating with the same voice of mother earth and the seeds of Mama Cacao Trees, lets pray, celebrate, connect with the land. 

Join us to pray to and seed our intention to connect with the spirit of the Tree of Ixcacao, lets learn more on how this magical heart opener is grown from the root and an Ancestral Ceremony with Izaias and Izabel to give gratitud with offerings.Bring your special offerings and prayers to manifest the abundant energy of the day. 

Why Cacao is so popular in the world of now? go and connect and get more knowledge and turn into wisdom, with love of IxCacao. 

ITINERARY (Saturday APRIL 13th, CST – Time in Guatemala)

6:00 am – Meeting Point at LavaLove Cacao
8:00 am – Breakfast in San Lucas Tolimán 

9:30 pm – Traveling to Patulul

10:30 pm – About Cacao Plant tree & benefits

Special workshop about plantations, 

Ancestral Spiritual Cacao Ceremonies & Benefits

By Tata Izaias Mendoza & Izabel Perez


12:30 pm – Lunch time-  Bring your food or get your own fruits at the Patulul’s Market

2:00 pm  –  Cacao Ceremony  
5:00 Pm –  Dinner time in Santiago Atitlan

7:00 Pm –  Get back home!

What to Bring...

  • Comfortable shoes & hat to cover from Sun
  • Enough water & snacks
  • Paper and notebook
  • Be open to bring your own offerings
  • Mask & personal implements

Where to meet

Meet the Facilitators

Book your Cacao Tour!

 Bring your special offerings and prayers to manifest the abundant energy of the day –3 TZ’IKIN–

Let’s create the roots, plant your seeds to receive all the blessings of Mother Earth.


Save your spot in advance!

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Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias es padre de familia, exporta cacao y tambien es Chaman iniciado en la comunidad Maya.

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