Mayan Sacred Ceremonies

Part of our work consists in supporting and transmitting the wisdom of our lineage

TOJ (offering) Fire Ceremony

An offering for an ancestral life

The Mayan fire ceremonies held by Izaias & Izabel are a form of offering received by Ajaw. 

Every ceremony has a purpose and before it starts we put our intentions towards it.

We follow the Sacred Mayan calendar Tz’olkin to give thanks for our existence.

Special offerings are made for the Nahual of the person who requested the ceremony.

These offerings act as a representative asking the Great Spirit Ajaw to protect people and foresee life, abundance, passage on earth, well-being of the family and in the community, at the same time appreciates all that has been given.

We invoke the spirit of nature through words, elements, colors, shapes, and intentions to specifically invoke what we are asking for.

In this ceremony we pray to all the elements of Mother Earth.
We pray to all the guardians and invite them to transform what’s no longer serves us.

The fire ceremonies are made with basic elements, some of their names ca not be translated to English language as they come from our native language: Sugar, ensarte, palitos, pombola, incenses, seeds, herbs, sacred woods, copal, ocote (pine tree sticks). In special occasions additional elements might be added to this list: Corn, cacao, cuilco, panela, Tabaco, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, flowers different colors depends on the occasion.

This ceremony is very special in our Mayan tradition.

We begin the prayers in our native language. Is believed that the native tongue is able to connect with the DNA of the spirit of the lands, it is a form of poetry that interconnects with other native tongues of other ancient tribes invoking the sacred sites of our Mother Earth. We strongly believe we can communicate with Ajaw by using our raxpom burning (white copal) and praying too.

The offerings are made on their name and the spirit hears their requests as an answer for their offerings. It is an ancient way to ask to all the spirit to receive and pass on our offering to the creator, in the names of the 20 Nahuales (energies of 20 calendar Tzolkin).

The fire is a sacred element, we believe to be (Toj) to listen, or offering, payment] the Ear of Ajaw, it is pure presence and hears the prayers that come from the heart.  

To make an offering for an element is a gesture of respect and a gift to your ancestors: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air above all is Ru k’ux kaj Ru k’ux Wach ulew, Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth.

As in the beginning of ceremonies you must get cleansed to leave any other energy that has to leave or released, with sacred Raxpom (white copal)

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Harmonizing with the gifts of the Nahuales

Cacao is one of the Sacred foods of the Mayans (The food of the Gods) according to the sacred book ¨Popol Vuh¨. In our times we consider cacao as the blood of our ancestors that connects us with the universe, with the creator and giver of form and at the same time with our hearts.

Our Cacao ceremonies are attuned with the energies of each day according with the Mayan calendar, use the tools that every energy offers which is many of them to guide each person or group. 

This helps us to access deeper emotions and connects us with our roots taking us back to our Mother Earth. We use the energies of fire, air, water, earth, sun, clouds, mountain and animals.

Cacao connects us with the world beyond form where everything is possible. By taking this sacred medicine our heart opens and our consciousness expands, we connect with our emotions deeply and we are able to release from a place of compassion and love.

When we take the cacao medicine we come to understand why we had to carry certain heavy emotions. It has the capacity to turn dense energy into our ally, helping us to understand its purpose, which is to connect us to our true path. Cacao gives us clarity. It also has a powerful capacity to connect us with the creative field and it opens our voice to express ourselves from a place of love.

Cacao is increasingly taking an important role in our society. We believe that it has walked out of the forest at this time in the history of humanity to reestablish the harmony that we have lost with Nature. 

Cacao opens our heart and expands it helping us retrieve our capacity to love ourselves and those around us.

Do not hold your wish to experience a Mayan Cacao Ceremony with us!

Cacao & Ancestral Fire Ceremony


Mayan cacao and sacred fire ceremony is a beautiful combination and very powerful form of ritual that connects us with the heart and allows us to work in cycles of 9 months, we put our intentions in ceremony and we sow the blessings of our offerings, in this process we grow and dive deeper and deeper into our hearts. 

When one gives their intentions to the sacred fire a gift is born within them.

When we drink ceremonial cacao to begin the fire ceremony connects us all in a state of being with Ajaw – Ahau (The Creator) that is the sensation we feel in the heart, where in front of us is an ancient sacred fire that it has build to receive and transform the offering, Abuelo Fuego (Grandfather Fire) it listens, purifies, heals, receives, transforms, cleans, forgives and it is a place where you can call the peace into our heart. Sacred Fire is the secure place where we want to release all kinds of coplex topics energies. A place where we release our dead loved ones, releasing them and connecting with them, in a much better way.

The offering to the sacred fire is made with different elements such as cacao beans, sesame seeds, rosemary, sticks, corn, herbals incense and many others. An offering is a way give thanks for everything we receive each day. The aim is to remember that we are beings of love that came to fulfill a mission on Earth.

In this ceremony we pray to all the elements of Mother Earth, we pray to all the guardians and invite them to transform what’s no longer serves us.

As with all our other Mayan ceremonies, we work with the energies of the Nahual (Mayan sign from the Mayan Calendar) either if it’s for a group ceremony or for a single person. We briefly describe your potential energies, strengths, gifts and those that you might have forgotten about.

When you come around with cacao in the fire ceremony we want you to understand, connects and feel the your own nahual, to offer to with offerings and giving thanks for your life and all you have reached in your personal life, family, friends, society, community, bussiness etc.

I’xToj, I’xQ’anil, Ix’Cacao, the loving divine mother, and grand mothers of abundance and reciprocity, Spirit of Cacao, helps us to release what is no longer needed from a place of love. Gracefully opens our hearts and teaches us about true gratitude for life, when you have this opportunity to sit with it, pray and feel the energy comming from your heart and transmit to others, by praying for their lives.

Photography credits to Daniel Lopez Pérez & Nehemias Sancoy

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