ANCESTORS – Fire & Cacao Ceremony


On November 1st,

When we honor the life of the ancestors, where the smell of flowers and tobacco with the blessing of the Heart of IxCacao, we offer gifts of 4 colors of corn and fragrant herbs to nourish the spirit and peace to our loved ones.

Singing to celebrate their memories in our hearts and heal our past, present and future.

With the energy of the 4 NOJ we attract the ancestral wisdom of our ancestors and let the 4 colors of corn, the 4 elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air connecting us with the Heart of Heaven and Heart of Earth.

ITINERARY (Monday Nov 1st CST – Time in Guatemala)

12:00 pm – Personal Ceremony Preparation  
12.45 pm – Entrance & Registration @ Lavalove Cacao – Shop   

13:00 pm – Opening of the Ancestors Ceremony
by Tata Izaias Mendoza & Izabel Perez

During Ceremony

Especial Offerings dedicated to our individual Nahuals Spirit, and Spirit of our Loved ones. 

Ancestral Medicine Music by Hamaima

16:30 pm – Special celebration dinner for the Ancestors.  
17:00 Pm – Closing ceremony   

What to bring…

  • Recomendable meditate before coming, (3 hours before). Bring your special offerings, as flowers & prayers for you Ancestors.
  • Bring enough water and a we have cushion to sit comfortably.
  • Eat a delicious fruit or vegetables bowl in honor of your loved ones.
  • Be ready to receive connection and the blessings from Ajaw 
  • Optional to bring a picture of people you want to honor, will have an Special Altar for it. 
Photo by Mark Elmy


Join us at the Cerro Tazankujil (Nature Reserve) or Via Zoom Call – LINK BELOW- 

Meet the Facilitators

Ancestors - Biography


Life is not based on a final structure, everything is transformation, what one day is, in another time is Wisdom, Compassion and a New Path to go.
Death is transformation to make way for the new seed;
Your heart.


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Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Izaias es padre de familia, exporta cacao y tambien es Chaman iniciado en la comunidad Maya.

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